Cadre The Configurable Abstract Document Relationship Engine

Cadre is a website framework built on the principle that everything is a post. It's an experiment to see how much of the familiar CMS infrastructure (galleries, blogs, forums, wikis, whatever) can be emulated—and perhaps even improved—using ideas from operating system theory and object-oriented programming.

So far, Cadre has been proven to be quite flexible, supporting a variety of applications (including MUCKs, message boards, wikis, bug trackers, blogs, and project management systems) without difficulty or any modification to the platform itself. Best of all, everything remains in one simple, normalized table, so interlinking between sections, recursively generating lists, and reusing code is perfectly natural and simple.

The purpose of this section is to foster development and maintain documentation for the Cadre system.


Cadre News & Development Blog

July 2011 Notes
1. I feel good about finally recognising the concept of defining system privileges based on user groups, overall—but not quite so good about having picked up the idea while staring at the users and groups management console on a Windows Server 2008 machine. Why couldn't it have been something noble and inspiring, like OpenVMS, DD-WRT, or a TS-7200 NetBSD toaster? What a sad world.  (…)
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Cadre Plans
The first public release of Cadre will come shortly, followed by a complete set of documentation. The old site at will be repurposed solely for bug tracking once the move is complete.
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